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Industrial Cleaning Equipment - Florence, SC
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FAQs - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:


What makes Industrial Cleaning Equipment different from the competition?

image-1ANSWER: With ICE of Florence, you will never get the typical "this one should work for you" or "this is all we have" that is all too common at major big box retailers. With ICE of Florence you will benefit from our decades of experience in the cleaning industry. Our technicians are here to learn about your needs, suggest the best products and accessories for your job, and provide in-depth training regarding all aspects of how to do the job you need done - safely and efficiently.


Which machine is right for me?

ANSWER: Sure, we carry "general use" pressure washers but the reason we carry many different machines from several different manufacturers is because specific equipment is sometimes better suited for specific tasks. ICE of Florence specializes in determining which machine is right for YOUR specific application. Call us to describe your specific need(s) and we'll recommend options to match the best equipment with your particular project and budget.

How do I figure nozzle size?

ANSWER: The following graphic shows popular nozzles and applications - for more details » view our Nozzle Size Selection Chart (PDF).

Which chemical should I use?

ANSWER: Proper chemical selection is critical to safe and effective cleaning. Our expert staff actually uses our products in the field so they will be able to assist you and determine the best chemical for each application. Please contact us for details.

What maintenance is recommended to keep my pressure washer in top shape?

ANSWER: We will help you determine required maintenance because we have ISO 9000 repair manuals for all the equipment sold by ICE of Florence. These manuals give specific schedules for weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance.

How do I get an answer to a "less frequently asked question"?

ANSWER: Please call us, use our online contact form or email us with your question and we'll promptly follow up with you.


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